Responsible: The “R” in Redbar


The R in REDBAR stands for Responsible. Dr. Bucknell as an outspoken health advocate and educator knows through years of patient encounters that the most difficult part of maintaining health is living in a culture that is not conducive to the same high standards. It’s like trying to be a healthy fish in a sick tank. So our first commitment is maintaining the highest quality ingredients and practices possible. This is extensive in ways most our customers don’t notice.

  • Organic ingredients as much as possible, but as natural as can be sourced otherwise.
  • Grass finished, antibiotic free, and hormone free beef
  • No pork period, even though some ask for it it’s simply not healthy
  • Grass fed cheeses
  • Minimally pasteurized, non homogenized grass fed organic milk
  • Organic milk alternatives
  • Organic cage free eggs
  • House made syrups made with natural ingredients like organic unprocessed agave, organic honey, and quality maple syrup
  • No unhealthy vegetable oils used in grilling, only high quality organic coconut oil
  • Healthier choice market items like stevia sweetened sodas and more
  • Not just “filtered” water, but Aquaspace filtered water removing even flouride (yes, even our ice)
  • Dishes washed without unknown chemical cleaners, simply bleach solution followed by clean water rinsing (all within health department guidelines)
  • PLA and paper compostable utensils, cups, straws, and containers for environmental sustainability. We stay away from plastic everywhere possible to reduce our environmental impact.

We’ve even gone so far as to install full spectrum lights. Who else does that?
We feel a responsibility for our customers. You should eat the way Dr. Bucknell feeds his family, and how he suggests his patients eat, and we stand by that responsibility to make it available.