At REDBAR Espresso & Market we focus on quality of the final product, not reinventing the wheel. So we ship our coffee in from one of the most respected Award Winning roasters in the world, Klatch Coffee out of Rancho Cucamonga California. We take it a step further only buying organic varieties, and using as close to roast date as possible. But that's not all. In fact it starts before, with Aquaspace three stage advanced water filtration including removal of fluoride. Even our ice is filtered. Our milk is local sourced, organic, and grass fed. Our syrups are made in house with organic agave, spices, and other completely natural ingredients. We handle the difficult part for you, you decide if you want it to go in a fully biodegradable cup, or enjoy here in an Italian ceramic mug with a small gift on the house (a chocolate couverture disc from TCHO). We mean what we stand for ResponsiblExperienceDeliberate. 

iPhone press and hold over QR code to go to online ordering. Menu is LIMITED if ordering from phone. For full menu order from the counter.


- Milk Options -
Local, grass-fed, non-homogenized, minimal-pasteurized, whole milk
Organic unsweetened coconut milk
Organic unsweetened almond milk

- Caffeine -
Regular organic fair trade
Organic swiss water process decaffeinated

- House Made Flavors -
"Aurora": Strawberry/Watermelon/Blueberry
"Belle": Rose/Vanilla
Blackberry Cobbler: Vanilla/Blackberry/Cinnamon
Blueberry Muffin: Vanilla/Blueberry/Cinnamon
"Cinderella": Pumpkin Spice/Vanilla
Cocoa Mocha
Cinnamon Stick
Coconut Cream Pie: Coconut/Caramel/Vanilla
"Elsa": White Mocha/Peppermint
French Toast: Maple Butterscotch/Cinnamon
French Vanilla: Vanilla/Hazelnut
German Chocolate: 1pt Cocoa Mocha/.25pt Amaretto/.25pt Coconut
Hazelnut Mocha: Hazelnut/Cocoa Mocha
"Jasmine": Blueberry/Blackberry
King Cake: Amaretto/Caramel/Cinnamon
"Little Mermaid": Passion Fruit/Watermelon/Vanilla
Local Honey
Maple Butterscotch
"Moana": Coconut/Pineapple
Mounds: Coconut/Cocoa Mocha
Passion Fruit
"Pocahontas": Amaretto/Maple Butterscotch
Pumpkin Spice
White Mocha: Caramel/Vanilla

- Additions -
Extra Shot Espresso .75cents
*Extra 1/2oz Pump Syrup .50cents
Extra REDwhip house made whipped cream .50cents

*6oz gets 1/2oz, 12oz 1oz, 15oz 1.5oz standard


Iced Tea

Brewed fresh organic tea of choice over ice

Iced Cocoa

Cocoa mocha syrup and milk over ice

Iced Flavored Lemonade

Frozen whole lemons and flavor of choice blended over ice

Iced Americano

Espresso and water over ice

Signature Cold Brew

Toddy cold brewed coffee and milk over ice

Iced Chai

Chai Tea and milk over ice

Iced Latte

Espresso and milk over ice

Signature Flavored Iced Latte

Espresso, milk, and flavor of choice over ice

Blue Lagoon

Blueberry Hibiscus Tea, Coconut Milk, and Blueberry Syrup over ice

Iced Dirty Chai Tea

Espresso, chai tea, and milk over ice

Iced Breve

Espresso and half and half over ice

Iced Flavored Breve

Espresso, half and half, and flavor of choice over ice

Iced REDeye

Cold brew coffee and espresso over ice


      Made with the highest quality grassfed whey protein

      Chocolate Bananespresso

      Cocoa mocha, banana, whey, and espresso

      The Cinnamon Bun

      Caramel, cinnamon, whey, and espresso

      The Peanut Butter Cup

      Organic valencia peanut butter, cocoa mocha, whey, and espresso

      The Dirty Elvis

      Same as Peanut Butter Cup but with banana

      The Caramel Apple Pie

      Fresh apple, caramel, cinnamon, whey, and espresso

      The Nutty Mocha

      RawMio hazelnut, cocoa mocha, whey, and espresso

      The Healthy Nut

      Organic valencia peanut butter, banana, spinach, berries, and whey

      Sunrise Smoothie

      LivWell plant protein, banana, strawberries, spinach, orange juice, and coconut milk