At REDBAR Espresso & Market we cut no corners in healthy options. Our beef we source local, grass fed organic with no hormones, no vaccines, no drugs. Our eggs are sourced local, free range organic of course. Our produce is organic where it can be. We use no pork, no shellfish in anything ever. We cook using organic expeller pressed coconut oil, not peanut soy or other highly processed vegetable oils. We mean what we stand for ResponsiblExperienceDeliberate. 

Coffee and Hot Drinks

Spiked Cider

Crown Apple, Fireball, apple cider, steamed milk, REDwhip


Mint Chip Mocha

Creme de Menthe, Purus Organic Vodka, espresso, cocoa mocha, REDwhip


Dutch Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire, Smirnoff Whipped, Organic Elderflower Liquor, allonge, REDwhip


Blackberries and Cream

Bird Dog Blackberry, Smirnoff Whipped, espresso breve, REDwhip


Irish Coffee

Tullamore Dew, Saint Brendan's, americano, REDwhip


The Pitbull

Bayou Silver, Smirnoff Whipped, triple cubano, REDwhip


Maple Buttershots

Crown Maple, Buttershots, espresso latte, REDwhip


Mexican Mocha

Casa Noble Crystal, Fireball, espresso, mocha, spices, REDwhip



Chocolate Espresso Martini

Saint Brendan's, Purus Organic, mocha, espresso, milk



Absolut Mango, Prairie Organic Gin, club soda


The Queen's Garden

Bombay Sapphire, Organic Elderflower liquor, club soda, garnish


Lucid Dream

Saint Brendan's, Absinthe, cold brew, milk


      On the Rocks

      The Southern Peach

      Bayou Silver, Peachtree Schnapps, peach iced tea


      Organic Screwdriver

      Organic Blood Orange liquor, Purus Organic, orange juice, club soda


      Desert Dew

      Organic Prickly Pear liquor, Casa Noble Crystal, Organic Elderflower liquor, club soda


      The Green Lantern

      Midori Melon, Ansinthe, ginger ale


      Old Fashioned

      Maker's Mark, Bulliet Rye, Angostura bitters, club soda, garnish


      Van Gogh's Garden

      Prairie Organic Cucumber, Ansinthe, club soda


      Dr. Mike's Hard Lemonade

      Purus Organic Vodka, Organic Rum, Blended Lemonade


      Ruby RED

      Absolute Mango, Organic Rum, Blended Lemonade


      Spiked Smoothies


      Bird Dog Blackberry, Peachtree Schnapps, whey, espresso, vanilla, milk


      Candy Apple

      Crown Apple, Fireball, whey, apple, espresso, caramel, milk


      Nuttier Mocha

      Disarrano, Purus Organic, espresso, whey, RawMio



      Inventory varies based on availability

      Abita Strawberry Lager
      Abita Strawgator
      Ayinger Celebrator Double Bach
      Brasserie Dupont Saison DuPont
      Carlsburg Danish Pilsner
      Carlsburg Elephant
      Chandeleur Lil Miss Sour
      Druid City Neon Moon
      Einstock Toasted Porter
      Erdinger Dunkel
      Erdinger Weissbier
      Founders KBS Flavored Stout
      Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan
      Lazy Magnolia Sweet Potato
      Left Hand Peanut Butter Milk Stout
      Lindeman Framboise Lambic
      Lindeman Peche Lambic
      Lindeman Strawberry Lambic
      New Belgium Oakspire Old Fashioned Bourbon Barrel Ale
      Ommegang Three Philosophers Blueberry Coffee
      Parish Canebreak Wheat Ale
      Parish Reve Coffee Stout
      Parish South Coast Amber Ale
      Parish Strawberry Canebreak
      Samuel Smith Imperial Stout
      Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale
      Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
      Samuel Smith Organic Apple Cider
      Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout
      Samuel Smith Perry Sparkling Peak Cider
      Samuel Smith Taddy Porter
      Terrapin Strawberry Dreamsicle
      Terrapin Watermelon Gose


      Inventory varies based on availability
      Priced per 1.5oz pour

      Remy Martin 1738 Accord     - Cognac, France - $16

      Prairie Organic     - Benson, Minnesota - $6
      Bombay Sapphire     - Hampshire, England - $7

      Bayou Silver     - Lacassine, Louisiana - $6

      Johnnie Walker Red     - Ayrshire, Scotland - $9
      The Macallan 10 Year Fine Oak     - Moray, Scotland - $14.5

      Casa Noble Crystal Organic     - Jalisco, Mexico - $12

      Absolut Mango     - Scania, Sweden - $6
      Purus Organic     - Piemonte, Italy - $6
      Prairie Organic Cucumber     - Benson, Minnesota - $6
      Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka     - Moscow, Russia - $6

      Fireball Cinnamon     - Metarie, Louisiana - $5
      Bird Dog Blackberry     - Wilson, Wyoming - $5.5
      Crown Royal Apple     - Manitoba, Canada - $8.5
      Crown Royal Maple     - Manitoba, Canada - $8.5
      Tullamore Dew     - Tullamore, Ireland - $8.5
      Maker's Mark     - Loretto, Kentucky - $9
      Bulliet Rye     - Shelbyville, Kentucky - $ 9
      Four Roses Small Batch     - Lawrenceburg, Kentucky - $10
      Redbreast 12 Year     - Cork, Ireland - $19.5

      Other Liquors
      Dekuyper Creme de Menthe     - Schiedam, Netherlands - $3
      Dekuyper Buttershots     - Schiedam, Netherlands - $3.5
      Dekuyper Peachtree     - Schiedam, Netherlands - $3.5
      Saint Brendan's Irish Cream     - Derry, Ireland - $4.5
      Midori Melon     - Osaka, Japan - $7
      Thatcher's Organic Blood Orange     - Temperence, Michigan - $7.5
      Thatcher's Organic Elderflower     - Temperence, Michigan - $7.5
      Thatcher's Organic Prickly Pear     - Temperence, Michigan - $7.5
      Disaranno Amaretto     - Saranno, Italy - $8.5
      Lucid Absinthe Superieure     - Saumur, France - $18